Friday, October 17, 2008

Choose Chase

Chase wants you to know they are all about choice. The "Choose Chase" and "Your Choice. Your Chase" advertising taglines in Chase's TV commercials drive that idea home. And,'s variety of Chase products allow you to "Choose Chase" and apply online to get the credit card that best suites your individual needs.

The reality that it's "Your Choice. Your Chase" becomes apparent when you consider the many options Chase has for the potential cardholder. For those consumers seeking a solid credit card without all the bells and whistles, there is the Chase Platinum Credit Card, with no annual fee and an introductory 0% interest for up to 12 months.

But if it's a specialized credit card you seek, you'll also want to "Choose Chase." Perhaps when you "Choose Chase," you'll want a rewards credit card, such as the Chase Freedom Visa Card.

If you find yourself on the go, "Choose Chase" for rewards credit cards for gas rebates or airline frequent flyer miles. A driver's choice might be a gas rebate card, like the Chase PerfectCard. Maybe you fly often, making the Chase Travel Plus Platinum Visa Card, Continental Airlines World MasterCard, United Airlines Mileage Plus Signature Visa Card, or British Airways Visa Signature Card a great addition to your wallet.

Is there a store or website you often shop at? If you shop at one retailer frequently perhaps your ideal reward credit card could be the Disney Visa Credit Card, Toys R Us Visa Credit Card, Starbucks Duetto Visa, Rewards Visa Card, Borders 3.2.1 Visa Card, or Platinum Visa Card. Your choice all depends on what you like to buy and where you like to shop.

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