Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Capital One Means No Foreign Transaction Fees

When you swipe your Capital One credit card on a foreign vacation, it won’t cost you a dime to have the amount of your purchase converted into U.S. dollars. That is because unlike most other credit card issuers, Capital One does not charge foreign transaction fees on purchases made overseas.

For lots of vacationers, one of the best things about trips abroad (aside from the chance to see new and exciting places) is the fact that you can sometimes stretch your hard-earned dollars even farther overseas. Favorable exchange rates mean a luxurious getaway does not have to break the bank.

However, for the many travelers who decide to pay for that vacation with a credit card, there are some added expenses they may not expect. Those expenses come in the form of foreign transaction fees levied on credit card purchases made abroad. But for Capital One credit card users who travel overseas, foreign transaction fees are not a worry, since Capital One does not charge foreign transaction fees for its credit cards.

Foreign transaction fees are those fees that many credit card companies add on to the cost of purchases made with your plastic in a foreign country. Credit card issuers add foreign currency transaction fees for the service of translating the cost of a purchase from the foreign currency into the U.S. dollar amount that eventually appears on your credit card bill.

Since Capital One cardholders will not see such fees appear on their credit card bills, they are a good choice for international charges. And, with a Capital One No Hassle Miles Rewards card, your foreign purchases get you closer to your next trip – since every dollar you spend earns you airline miles.

So pack your luggage, bring your guidebooks, and make sure your Capital One credit card is stowed securely in your wallet.

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