Sunday, October 12, 2008

$1 on Your Credit Card Can Cost You Thousands

A new identity theft scheme puts a charge of just $1 on your credit card, in what is creatively known as the "one dollar scam."

In this new scam, thieves buy hundreds of stolen credit card numbers, then put a $1 charge on each of them. But is the next step in the scam that really earns the crooks some cash.

Should you be one of the unlucky hundreds of cardholders who ends up with a dollar charge, and then doesn't notice it, the next month the thieves will bill thousands of dollars of merchandise to your credit card.

The scam works because by revealing who doesn't read their credit card bill carefully in order to pick up on the initial $1 charge, the thieves target unaware consumers. The consumers who don't closely examine their monthly credit card statements are hit with thousands of dollars in charges they never approved.

To avoid becoming a victim of this scam, always consider every charge that appears on your monthly credit card statement. Should you find any questionable charges, do not hesitate to call your credit card company using the card issuer's phone number provided on the back of your card or on your bill.

By remaining a vigilant credit card user, you can prevent yourself from becoming the victim of credit card fraud.

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