Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When Picking a New Credit Card - Look for an Orchard

Individuals with less than perfect credit, or those with no credit history know the drill. Apply for a credit card online that features great rates and rewards, wait a few weeks and then be told that their credit is not good enough to qualify. Now, that can be quite frustrating to be told you have bad credit and don't qualify. Especially when the credit card issuers keep sending out tantalizing credit card offers in the mail and running ads on television.

There are options for those wishing to establish or rebuild credit, however. Finally, there is a credit card that offers a reasonable interest rate with low fees and is specifically designed for those with less than pristine credit. It's the Orchard Bank MasterCard issued by HSBC! The Orchard Bank MasterCard features a very respectable 14.9% regular APR and initial credit lines up to $1,500.

Of particular value is the fact that the Orchard Bank MasterCard reports cardmember repayment behavior to all three major U.S. credit bureaus. Other payment card options for bad credit do not typically allow customers to rebuild their credit history. This is a critical step in creating a solid repayment record that opens new doors for low cost credit in the future.

With relaxed credit underwriting criteria, applicants are much more likely to be approved. And, getting approved is the name of the game when bad credit is in your history. Once approved, it's just a matter of staying disciplined and making on-time credit card payments to begin building a solid credit record. It's usually best to pay as you go with credit cards and living within your means. But, as we all know, that's not always possible for those of us who are struggling to keep our financial heads above water. And that's where the 15.9% interest rate can help you pay outstanding balances over time without taking too much of a toll on your finances.

Other benefits of the Orchard Bank MasterCard include worldwide acceptance at over 22 million locations and cash access at over 770,000 MasterCard/Cirrus locations around the globe. And, online shopping can be accomplished with peace of mind because the Orchard Bank Card provides complete protection from unauthorized purchases.

So, maybe it's time to finally get your credit back on track. Or, if you are just starting out it could be a great time to start building a good credit rating. Having a MasterCard credit card is essential in today's world if you want to make a hotel reservation, rent a car or book an airline flight. And with the Orchard Bank MasterCard, your chances of getting approved are better than ever.

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